Josh Luchs – Recovering Sports Agent


Josh Luchs began his career as a sports agent at the tender age of nineteen. Young, driven and smart, he had already forged the connections needed to begin his career. Unfortunately in his mid-20’s, Luchs lost both his parents within months of each other. The balance between dealing with personal tragedy, losing a potential big client, and catering to the superficial needs of young athletes put him in a position where he began to re-evaluate his life and career decisions. Eight years later, he was involved in a civil dispute that again put Luchs in a situation where he began to doubt his outlook on the industry. Leading up to the present, Luchs recently gave a candid interview to Sports Illustrated (SI). He not only exposed the questionable relationships between sports agents and college football players, but also showed the world how he struggled with many difficult decisions to achieve his goals. Throughout his career, he faced many ethical dilemmas and gained invaluable life lessons from these experiences. Luchs started out as a determined businessman who would use every resource imaginable to excel. Over time, he learned that working hard to reach goals is admirable, but asks the questions “Do you need to cross the line to succeed?”

Although it is a widely unspoken notion that players often get paid and pampered to sign with agents, Luchs was the first and only agent to expose exactly how these relationships formed. He aims to help current and future college athletes avoid jeopardizing amateur status by bringing to focus the tricks and methods agents use to secure these young athletes as clients.

Luchs’ SI interview averaged a 10:1 positive to negative sentiment ratio. His revolutionary interview showcased his courage and drive to share the truth about the industry. His story blew up with coverage from media such as USA Today¸ The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, New York Post, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, and the Houston Chronicle to name a few.

Luchs’ story was featured in an segment and interviewed by Bernard Goldberg on the Emmy-winning show Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO. In addition, television channels such as ESPN, CNN, and Fox Business channel have covered Josh’s story, helping TV viewership reach over 25 million people.

Luchs has been the “Key Note Speaker” at the NCAA’s East Coast and West Coast compliance meetings sharing his perspective and insight to help Universities deal with “agent issues”.

At the behest of CA State Senator Kevin Deleon, Luchs testified before a California Senate subcommittee assembled to protect “Student Athletes from Unscrupulous Agents”.

Luchs recently traveled to Capital Hill to participate in a roundtable convened by Congressman Bobby Rush “Hypocrisy or Hype – The Impacts of Back Room Deals, Payoffs, and Scandals in American Collegiate Student Athletics”.

Luchs captivated his audiences with his narratives from recruiting and with his details about what occurs during the high stakes competition to land top clients. He not only helps young athletes avoid threatening situations but also encourages a change in the current system with the new generations to come.

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